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Broadband Links

  • All Fibre and Microwave links are Tier 1, scalable, fully symmetrical, uncapped, unshaped, low latency and upgradeable.
  • LTE links are Tier 1 and capped as indicated.

Firewall/SD-WAN Appliance

  • Powerful Firewall – Stateful, Deep Packet Inspection, Policy Enforced, Next Generation
  • Internet Security – Intrusion Detection, Prevention and Protection including Malware, Botnets, Phishing and Ransomware
  • Virtual Private Networking – Branch-to-Branch and Mobile, supports OpenVPN/SSL
  • Internet Content Control – Blocking of sites, such as violence, etc. by Category and Blacklist
  • Bandwidth Management – QoS, VoIP Optimisation
  • Multiple & Dynamic Gateways – Ideal for Least Cost Routing
  • Automatic Fail-Over High Availability – Critical site SLA ready
  • Aggregation of Multiple Broadband links – Bonding and/or Traffic Steering